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Drawing on his groundbreaking new book, Gary Hamel will give your colleagues and clients a roadmap for building organizations as resilient and daring as the people inside them.

How is it OK...

  • That a scant fifteen percent of employees around the world are highly engaged in their work? 
  • That only one in five employees believe their opinions matter at work?
  • That fewer than one in ten have the freedom to experiment with new products or solutions?
  • That seventy percent of jobs require little or no originality?

We can change this...

This is the legacy of bureaucracy, with its authoritarian power structures and rule-choked processes. Bureaucracy makes our organizations inertial, incremental and dispiriting.

It’s time for something better. We need organizations that are flat, fast and open; that reward entrepreneurship and out-run change.

The good news is that you don’t have to be the CEO to dismantle bureaucracy. Anyone can take the lead in building an organization that’s fit for human beings and fit for the future. In his inspiring and provocative presentation, Gary will show you how to get started:

Motivation: How do you get the courage to challenge the status quo?

Mindsets: How do you rid yourself of bureaucratic habits and beliefs?

Models: What can you learn from organizations that have made the jump to “humanocracy?"

Migration: What are the simple, high-impact things you can do to get your organization started on the journey to humanocracy?

The future of our species, and of every organization, depends on our ability to unleash the imagination and passion of every human being at work. This will require a revolution in how we lead, manage, and organize—and a change process that’s engaging, emergent and experimental, Given the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, we have no time to waste.

“This is it. This is the new management paradigm we’ve been needing for decades. Hamel and Zanini have done it!”

Jim Whitehurst President, IBM

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