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Humanocracy E-Course

Four+ hours of exclusive instructional content, including surveys, tools and bonus materials that will help your colleagues apply the performance- boosting principles of Humanocracy in their teams and business units.

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Humanocracy Live

A customized and highly interactive webinar where Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini will lead your team through a discussion of the practical steps required to roll back bureaucrat and build an organization that is resilient, creative and daring.

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Imagine if every leader in your organization was ...

Enthused by the challenge of building a more adaptable, innovative and courageous organization.

Personally accountable for reducing the costs of bureaucratic drag.

Working hard to embed the values of humanocracy—ownership, openness, meritocracy, experimentation and community—in every system and process.

Equipped and energized to experiment locally with new ways of managing, leading and organizing.

Deeply committed to empowering others and unleashing the everyday genius of every team member.

When used together with the webinar and online course, Humanocracy can help you launch an unstoppable movement aimed at building at organization that is fit for the future and fit for human beings.

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Hack My Org

Learn How To Build An OrgAnization That’s Resilient, Creative And Daring.

In this course you’ll acquire the perspectives, tools and skills needed to uninstall bureaucracy and build something better in its place—humanocracy.  

Course Highlights

  • Over 4 hours of instructional video featuring Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini
  • Custom assignments and exercises designed to deepen your learning
  • Downloadable tools and templates that will help you apply the lessons of the course in your organization
  • Links to auxiliary content that will expand on the course content
  • Exclusive video interviews with progressive CEOs and thought leaders

The course will help you...

Understand the toxic effects of bureaucracy and calculate the hidden costs of “bureausclerosis” in your own organization.

Learn essential lessons from the world’s most progressively managed companies—the post-bureaucratic vanguard.

Rid your self of bureaucratic mindsets and behaviors and help others across your organization do the same.

Reimagine key management systems and structures based on the principles of humanocracy.

Hack the legacy management model in your organization with low-risk, high-impact experiments.

Spur an unstoppable grassroots movement aimed at making you organization  fit for the future and fit for human beings.

Course contents

The case for Humanocracy
1 Poking the Bureaucratic Beehive
2 Everyone an Entrepreneur
3 Challenging Bureaucratic Dogma
4 Counting the Cost
The foundations of Humanocracy
5 Principles Over Practices
6 The Power of Ownership
7 The Power of Markets
8 The Power of Meritocracy
9 The Power of Community
10 The Power of Openness
11 The Power of Experimentation
The journey to Humanocracy
 12 Flattening the Pyramid
13 Start Here
14 Scaling Up


Humanocracy Live!

Explore The Groundbreaking Ideas In Humanocracy In A Live Session With The Authors

In a highly interactive 90-minute webinar, Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini will help you and your colleagues develop a roadmap for building an organization that’s as resilient, creative and daring as the people inside it.

Webinar Highlights

  • Pre-session phone call to customize the webinar for your organization
  • Pre-session access to survey tools to help inform the online conversation
  • Introduction to the defining principles of humanocracy
  • A deep dive into the 4 Ms of management model innovation: Motivation, Mindsets, Models and Migration
  • Key lessons from organizations that have made the jump to humanocracy
  • Practical strategies for overcoming inertia and getting started on the road to humanocracy.

The webinar will help you...

Create enthusiasm for building a radically more capable organization

Strengthen the shared commitment to reducing bureaucratic drag

Uproot legacy beliefs that frustrate adaptability, innovation and engagement

Expand the organization’s capacity for management innovation

Unite leaders around a compelling and future-focused transformation agenda

Overcome the inertia and fear that often undermines bold, proactive change


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